Lachlan is interested in computational studies of diffusion in heterogenous systems.

​Lachlan is enrolled in the Bachelor of Science (Honours) program at the University of Queensland. He is interested in computational studies of diffusion in heterogeneous systems, particularly in zeolites for desalination, in the diffusion in lithium-ion battery separators and the diffusion of drug molecules in porous carbon. He is in the process of defining a research direction. 

Lachlan graduated from the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology in November 2018 with Magna Cum Laude, IB Learner of the Year award, and an International Baccalaureate Diploma. During his secondary schooling, he completed SPARQ-Ed at TRI, a research trip to the UQ Heron Island Research Facility, a Certificate III in Active Volunteering through Volunteer Queensland, and a Certificate III in Laboratory Skills and Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement through Tafe Queensland. He commenced studies in July 2019 at the University of Queensland in a Bachelor of Science/ Education (Secondary), with Chemistry major and Mathematics minor. He is currently enrolled in the Science Honours program with the Bernhardt Group at the Australian Institute for Biotechnology and Nanoengineering. He has been working at the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology as a lab technician, tutor and in administrative support since 2019. He has undertaken seasonal or casual work in a variety of other roles including in hospitality with food preparation, barista and bartending work, fruit picking, customer service, facilitating adoptions at the RSPCA, and tutoring.