Project Summary

Hierarchical micostructures

Microfluidics has been widely used for making various kinds of hierarchical materials such as complex emulsions, microarticles, microcapsules etc with uniform size and precisely controlled properties due to their superior capabilities in generating monodisperse emulsions, precisely controlling the process inside droplets. We have developed microfluidic approaches for making simple and complex emulsions, hollow spheres and hierarchical particles with unique structure and surface morphology, which have great potential in drug delivery and controlled release. Projects are available for developing various hierarchical microstructures for controlled release of active components for different applications.


Research Group

Zhao group


Functional materials, sustained release, controlled release, encapsulation, proteins, enzymes, vaccines.

Available Student Projects

PhD student position available upon discussion with Dr Chun-Xia Zhao

Project members

Lead Investigator

Professor Chun-Xia Zhao

Group Leader
Zhao Group

Researchers Involved

Qi Sun

Masters Student
Zhao Group