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With the rapid increase in population and economy, the demand for food has increased dramatically. The use of antibiotics to control bacterial and virus diseases is restricted in the livestock. Vaccination is widely used to manage livestock diseases in farm industry. However, most commercial vaccines are injected subcutaneously, which causes stress of the animals and cross-infections, makes vaccination difficult for your stock with insensitive manpower. Oral vaccination with antigen included in feed would be the ideal method for vaccination, especially for poultry and fish. In this project, we aim to develop effective nano-formulations encapsulated with antigens in animal feed to protect livestock from disease such as poultry and fish. This unique delivery system of regular feed coated with vaccine-encapsulated nanoparticles will directly make a major contribution to livestock industries by supporting production of high-value food and reducing costs.

Research Group

Xu Group


Solid lipid nanoparticles, Nanobiotechnology, immune response, livestock, animal feed, oral vaccine delivery

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Vaccine encapsulated nanotechnology in animal feed to protect livestock from disease



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Lead Investigator

Professor Zhi Ping (Gordon) Xu

Senior Group Leader
Xu Group

Researchers Involved

Dr Li Li

Advance QLD Research Fellow
Xu Group