Project Summary

New sustainable high-performance building and construction materials are in high-demand today due to environmental awareness, population growth and the escalating cost of maintenance. In this Queensland Government supported project, we investigate the strategies for enhancing the performance and durability of the concrete and bituminous materials using the unique cellulose nanofibres that are 'easily deconstructed' from Australian native ‘spinifex’ grasses.

Research Group

Martin Group


Cement, Concrete, Bitumen, Cellulose nanofibres, Rheology, Mechanical properties

Project members

Researchers Involved

Professor Darren Martin

Senior Group Leader
Martin Group

Dr Pratheep Kumar Annamalai 

Advance QLD Research Fellow (Mid)
Martin Group

Mr Liam Pooley

Casual Research Technician AIBN
Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology


Dr. Johnny Ho