Project Summary

In this project CRISPR technology will be used to engineer accellerated ageing models in human iPSC that subsequently will be subjected to neuronal differentiation in 2D and 3D (brain organoid) settings. Simultaneously isogenic somatic cells will be directly reprogrammed into equivalent neuronal cell types to probe the genetic and epigenetic drivers of in vitro observable ageing phenomena.

Early amyloid plaque formation in iPSC derived neurons in vitro.


Research Group

Wolvetang Group


iPSC, Reprogramming, differentiation, epigenetics, Ageing, neurons, organoids, CRISPR

Student Projects

CRISPR enabled screening for modulators of ageing in iPSC derived cell types

Project members

Lead Investigator

Professor Ernst Wolvetang

Senior Group Leader
Wolvetang Group
UQ-StemCARE Director