Project Summary

Nanomaterials applied in nanomedicine have drawn remarkable research interest owning to their great potential in improving efficiency of therapeutic intervention. This project aims to develop advanced functional silica nanoparticles as delivery vehicles for drug delivery applications, including cancer treatment, immunotherapy and cancer therapy. Our strategy has the potential to address the issues of cell membrane permeability of naked biomolecules, low solubility of hydrophobic agents and unwanted toxicity of anticancer drugs. Engineered silica nanoparticles hold great promise in enhancing the intracellular delivery efficacy of therapeutic agents, such as plasmid DNA, siRNA, large protein molecules, hydrophilic/hydrophobic small anticancer drugs and photosensitizes.

Research Group

Yu Group


Silica, Nanoparticles, Delivery vectors, Cancer treatment, Gene therapy

Student Projects

In vitro studies of the effects of applied electric fields on various mammalian cell types