The success of mRNA vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 represents a significant breakthrough for messenger RNA (mRNA) and underscores its enormous potential as an innovative therapeutic for various diseases. However, delivering mRNA to the cytosol of cells is challenging due to its negatively charged and hydrophilic nature, making it difficult to cross cell membranes. To facilitate mRNA delivery, vectors are required. Polymers have emerged as attractive non-viral vectors for mRNA delivery due to their ease of synthesis and tailorable structures and functionalities. This project aims to develop new polymer structures for delivering mRNA, with a particular focus on understanding the impact of chemical variations on mRNA delivery and translation at both the cellular and small animal levels.

Project members

Dr Changkui Fu

NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow
Whittaker Group

Professor Andrew Whittaker

Senior Group Leader
Whittaker Group
AIBN Deputy Director (Research)