Deciphering the role of atypical DNA methylation in neuronal maturation

Positions available: 1

Description: DNA methylation (mC) is a covalent modification in post-mitotic cells that has been implicated in neural plasticity. Although methylation of DNA in the context of CG (on the cytosine of CpG dinucleotides) is a well-established, epigenetic mechanism regulating gene expression, DNA methylation can also occur in the CH context, where H=A, T or C. Post-natal accumulation of mCH has been found to occur in the brain of both mice and humans, where it is enriched in neurons, suggesting a role in neuronal maturation. This project will investigate the role of mCH in gene expression during the maturation of neurons derived from mouse embryonic stem cells.

Expected outcomes and deliverables: Depending on the outcome, the project has potential to transition to an Honours project.

Suitable for: Students will require a background in biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, and/or biotechnology.

Project duration: 6-12 weeks.

Primary supervisor: Prof Ernst Wolvetang, Dr Sally Martin.  Further or