Cells operate in a synergistic way with their chemical and physical microenvironments. We have a variety of projects focused on studying this critical interface. For example cells in vivo do not grow on plastic, so we use matrices to provide an in vivo 3D physical environment. By the conjugation of bioactive compounds we investigate cell behaviour and how the physical environment contributes to dynamic cellular behaviour. This project largely focuses on employing potent venom proteins to direct cellular activities and target clinical application.

The project can involve creating fluorescent cell models, purifying and employing natural matrices, making designer matrices through bioconjugation of bioactive molecules to synthetic matrices, high resolution STED confocal imaging in combination with applied force (rheometer), general protein biochemistry, stem cell differentiation and other cell behaviour and functional assays.

Dr Kijas is always interested to work with students who are driven by their interest in research and motivated to succeed.

Please email for more detailed information on this project which can be tailored as an honours, masters or PhD.

Supervisor: Dr Amanda Kijas