Single-use plastics, such as those used for filtration, are a significant contributor to the plastic waste problem. Plant-derived nanofibres have many advantages, such as being natural, abundant, biodegradable, and are exceptionally light and strong. These nanofibres are excellent candidates for use as sustainable materials to reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics in the filtration industry.

The project involves the design and production of biodegradable materials and testing their performance.

The Group has access to Australia’s first commercial nanocellulose pilot plant co-funded by the Indigenous partner, Dugalunji Aboriginal Corporation. This plant is one of the few nanocellulose production facilities in the world that focuses on extracting nanocellulose from non-wood resources.

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nanofibres, sustainable materials, biodegradable materials,

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Dr Nasim Amiralian
Senior Group Leader
Amiralian Group

Dr Esteban Marcellin Saldana
Group Leader
Marcellin Group

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