Women in Science: Career Development Opportunities

There are a number of funding opportunities which are targeted at female researchers. 

UQ Career Progression for Women Program (CPW)

This program is designed for academic women at Level C who are actively pursuing career development within UQ. It provides participants with the opportunity for both personal and professional growth and helps them to clarify and pursue their career goals in an academic environment.

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L’Oréal Australia for Women in Science Fellowships

This fellowship is intended to assist women who are within five years of their PhD at an Australian or New Zealand academic or research institution to undertake research in their chosen field. Fellowship funds can be used to purchase scientific equipment, pay for child care costs, conference and travel costs, or any other identified means to support you to continue your research.

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Advance Queensland Women’s Academic Fund (Government Scheme)

This fund supports the retention, development and progression of female researchers within Queensland based universities. The program offers female researchers lecture funding (up to $2,000), to cover the costs of delivering lectures or presentations that highlight your work as a leading Queensland based female researcher.


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UQ Promoting Women Fellowships (PFW)

This fellowship aims to increase the percentage of women at Senior Lecturer level and above, and to facilitate the career progression of academic women. Funding is available to provide relief from teaching, administrative or other duties, providing the opportunity to complete research, publications, or demonstrate leadership through undertaking a special project or program of work, so you can be appropriately prepared in your application for promotion.

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Endeavour Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to high achieving Australian researchers who will contribute to the advancement of women’s leadership in Australia. The scholarship provides funds to undertake postdoctoral research within a participating country (overseas), in any field.

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UQ Career Advancement for Senior Academic (CASA)

This program is designed to assist high calibre academic women advance in their careers. It is targeted at senior women at Academic Level D wishing to progress to Professorial level. The program aims to broaden participants' understanding of leadership in a global academic context; leverage off existing leadership strengths to build great capacity to lead strategically; increase knowledge of the university professorial promotion process and provides a gender frame of reference to academic leadership. 

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