Professor Peter Gray talks about his passion for Queensland science
AIBN in the Media


Prof Chris Broder - Hendra virus monoclonal antibody
Prof Peter Gray Chan 9 Premier's MERS Announcement
Prof Peter Gray Chan 7 Premier's MERS Announcement

Bioengineering and biologics

Professor Peter Gray explains his research and an important collaboration
AIBN involvement in a clinical trial of the monoclonal antibody to treat humans exposed to Hendra virus
Dr Trent Munro talks about his work using antibodies to treat super bugs

Regenerative medicine

Professor Justin Cooper-White's research group working on meniscus regeneration
Professor Justin Cooper-White's TEDxBrisbane talk about engineering and designing human tissues
Associate Professor Ernst Wolvetang's stem cell work to understand Alzheimer's

Vaccination delivery

Professor Mark Kendall's development of needle-free vaccination device the Nanopatch
Professor Mark Kendall's TED Global talk about the Nanopatch
A presentation of research to improve vaccine reach to the developing world

Vaccination platforms

Professor Anton Middelberg explains the potential for virus-like particles to improve vaccine delivery
PhD student Alemu Tekewe's work on low-cost vaccine solutions to Rotavirus for the developing world

Systems and synthetic biology

Professor Peter Gray explains the Queensland Sustainable Aviation Fuel Initiative
Dr Claudia Vickers talks about using synthetic biology to produce sustainable fuels and chemicals


New test to revolutionise disease detection in people, crops and stock
Professor Matt Trau explaining his research in the generic field of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology for personalised medicine

Professor Matt Trau explaining his work in nanotechnology and molecular diagnostics
Dr Kris Thurecht's polymer molecules for improving cancer diagnosis and therapy

Nanotechnology for energy and materials science


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