AIBN offers Honours projects through enrolment in collaborating Schools at The University of Queensland. Summer and Winter research interns can continue to pursue their projects into an Honours degree.

    Professor Alan Rowan

    • Investigation of scaffolds for potent snake venom-based wound dressing
    • Investigation of the functional domains of a snake venom protein responsible for rapid blood clotting
    • Visualization of cellular response to external force

    Professor Debra Bernhardt

    • Transport in nanoporous systems
    • Computational studies of ionic liquids
    • Statistical mechanics of nonequilibrium fluids
    • Quantum mechanics for the design of new materials.

    Professor Peter Gray

    • Developing transient protein expression systems
    • Developing high throughput approaches for rapid selection of clones
    • Using modern ‘omics’ approaches to gain better understanding of cellular metabolism
    • Developing novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for infectious diseases.

    Professor Andrew Whittaker

    • Biodegradable polyurethanes as scaffolds for spinal cord repair (Dr Bronwin Dargaville & Dr Firas Rasoul)
    • Sulfamethazine-based hydrogels network and potential application for protein release and wound healing (Dr Truc Huynh)
    • Peptide Hydrogels for Cell Delivery (Dr Annette Dexter & Dr Fiona Filardo)
    • MRI Imaging Agents for Disease Detection (Dr Kris Thurecht, Associate Professor Idriss Blakey & Dr Hui Peng)
    • Novel Block Copolymer for Lithographic Application (Dr Imelda Keen).

    Dr Kris Thurecht

    • Polymer vectors for gene delivery
    • Polymer Theranostics: Imaging a Treatment in vivo.

    Associate Professor Idriss Blakey

    • Development of Ionic Liquid/polymer “Iono-gels” as Conducting Materials

    Professor Matt Trau

    • Microfluidic Devices for Capturing Rare Circulating Tumour Cells
    • Nanodevices/Nanobiosensors for Cancer Biomarker Proteins
    • DNA Nanomachinery for Early Breast Cancer Detection
    • Point-of-Care Diagnostics.

    Professor Michael Yu 

    • Silica biomaterial for dental treatment
    • A Nano-platform for Affordable and Ultra-sensitive Bio-marker Detection

    Professor Stephen Mahler

    • Development of intracellular delivery strategies for antibody therapeutics
    • Discovery of novel functional antibodies against a human transcription factor cancer target

    Associate Professor Claudia Vickers

    • Reconstructing an isoprenoid synthetic pathway in yeast mitochondria

    Dr Alison Tasker

    • Metal microcapsules – finding a cost effective alternative to gold shells
    • Localised, actively triggered, drug delivery using metal microcapsules for the treatment of high grade glioma

    Dr Lucia Zacchi

    • Discovery of blocking antibodies for Angiotensin type II receptor.
    • Expression of antibodies in yeast 

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    2. Contact the project advisor directly to discuss the project and arrange a meeting or visit to the AIBN lab.


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