Interested in working with world leading scientists on projects that are solving the world’s greatest challenges?

The AIBN creates game changing solutions to challenges our world is currently facing in health, energy and the bioeconomy through cutting edge research in precision nanomedicine, Nanoengineered materials and advanced biomanufacturing.  

We look for enterprising and creative thinkers and in return we can provide cutting-edge facilities, some of the world’s greatest minds for you to learn from and specialist training in commercialisation and industry practices.  

An Honours year is a chance for you to follow your passion by completing an independent research project under the guidance of an experienced researcher at the end of your undergraduate degree. 

AIBN offers Honours projects through enrolment in collaborating Schools at The University of Queensland. Summer and Winter research interns can continue to pursue their projects into an Honours degree. 

Take a look at the projects listed below or contact our researchers to talk about how we can develop an honours project with you.

    Rowan Group

    Amiralian Group

    Bernhardt Group

    Blakey Group

    Davis Group

    Howard Group

    Luo Group

    Mar Group

    Marcellin Group

    Mercer Group

    Ngo Group

    O'Mara Group

    Qiao Group

    Schenk Group

    Thurecht Group

    Trau Group

    Wang Group

    Whittaker Group

    Wolfram Group

    Wolvetang Group

    Xu Group

    Yamauchi Group

    Yu Group

    Zhang Group

    What to do

    1. Select the Honours project advisor name to download a PDF document with contact details and additional project information.
    2. Contact the project advisor directly to discuss the project and arrange a meeting or visit to the AIBN lab.


    For additional information about how to apply for PhD or MPhil in the AIBN please email the AIBN HDR office

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