More to AIBN science than meets the eye

30 August 2022

At the AIBN, we know some of the most spectacular sights in science start out as specs on a glass slide, only seen when magnified. 

Almost 40 AIBN Scientists submitted entries to the 2022 AIBN image contest, highlighting the role imagination and creativity play in scientific research. This year’s AIBN Image Contest shortlist included photos of glowing neural networks, lab-grown spinal cords and glowing fish larvae, proving that some of the most spectacular science occurs on the very smallest of scales.

Below are the winners from this year’s contest.

First place

PhD Student Larry Cai overcame almost 40 entries to claim the first prize with his computer-aided design depicting embryo development. 

Second place

Dr Yusuf Valentino Kaneti took home second place for his floral titanium dioxide assembled particles.

Third place

Looking like a scene from deep space, this neuronal galaxy was submitted by Dr Belal Shohayeb depicting hippocampal neurons stained with monomeric and polymerized actin and green fluorescence protein.

People’s Choice

The winner of the people’s choice vote was PhD Student Raissa Teixeira, who took us back to the 90s with this fluorescent microfluidics image. 

These 2022 AIBN Science Image Contest provides a glimpse of a world within ours, and show a more artistic side to our researchers.

AIBN’s world-class facilities give our researchers the opportunity to generate and capture these stunning images, including 3D computer modelling, confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy.

You can see the top 12 entries for this year’s contest in our flickr album.