AIBN is a multi-disciplinary institute translating research to new products, processes and devices for improving human health and quality of life.

Challenge yourself and experience the strength of science helping society.

Doing a Higher Degree by Research, honours or internship at the AIBN will develop your skills and help you establish a career in research. Undertaking further study is an accomplishment, and an achievement to be proud of. By working on independent research projects under advisors who are world leaders in their field, in cutting-edge labs, we will help you be at the forefront of emerging technologies for the betterment of society. AIBN is about real-life outcomes, working in areas of human health, energy, manufacturing and sustainability. We look for the best and provide the best in return.

At AIBN we recognise the important contributions research students make to our successes. 
As a result we:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive research skill set
  • Offer students the foundation for a successful research career
  • Provide an intellectually supportive and stimulating environment for your studies
  • Give students access to state-of-the-art equipment
  • Encourage students to publish journal papers at all stages
  • Provide the opportunity to be named on patents
  • Offer programs to challenge students to become good communicators, leaders and corporate citizens.

Students work in world-class facilities, alongside renowned researchers. AIBN offers:

  • Mentoring with world leaders in their field
  • A dedicated in-house student administration office
  • Financial support
  • Commercialisation training

AIBN is about real-life outcomes

Enterprising and enthusiastic students are attracted to AIBN, with AIBN graduates demonstrating the value of their experience here through rapid career development in areas of research, academia, and commercialisation.

Read our student testimonials to discover more about the AIBN student experience and life at AIBN.


"My PhD at the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology focuses on white matter disease; specifically an ultra-rare inherited neuro degenerative condition known as Hypomyelination with brainstem and spinal cord involvement and leg spasticity. My goal is to understand this disease and the application of how it can be extended to other diseases in white matter."

Bahaa Al-mhanawiEntrepreneurial PhD Scholar


"My PhD project focuses on using bacteria that consume waste gases to produce biofuels. The AIBN has provided me the tools to develop research skills to work towards solutions to real-life problems in a multidisciplinary, multicultural, and supportive environment. Having the opportunity to undertake a PhD here also allowed me to meet passionate researchers on their field’s forefront, increasing my curiosity and helping me shape my career interests."

Karen Rodriguez Martinez, PhD student


"My research focuses on the synthesis of magneto-plasmonic mesoporous materials and their potential applications in biosensors for early diagnosis of cancer. Renowned for its integrated research in the fields of bioengineering and nanotechnology, the AIBN is equipped with advanced facilities and provides a comprehensive range of characterisation techniques to support cutting-edge scientific investigations. It's a friendly and collaborative place to work and offers several student-friendly schemes and opportunities to support research, academic growth, and social well-being.”

Javeria Bashir, PhD student


“My research involves working with inorganic and polymeric nanoparticles for imaging and therapeutic applications. The AIBN gives me access to the facilities I need – including the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis, and the Australian National Fabrication Facility – meaning I have the equipment to help me characterise materials to achieve my research goals.”

Yixin Chang, PhD student


More student success

AIBN students have access to leading research facilities that help you get research done faster and better. 

AIBN Facilities available to studentsAIBN is housed in a $75 million a six-level research facility which blends effortlessly into its eucalypt and rainforest surrounds and is safeguarded from the energy-sapping effects of the sun.

AIBN has a dynamic and multi-disciplinary research environment, with teams working together at the interface of the biological, chemical and physical sciences. We have:

  • Cell and tissue culture facilities; 
  • Nanoparticle production and analysis capabilities; 
  • Polymer Synthesis and Characterisation; 
  • Microanalysis; and 
  • Ultra-High Performance Flow Cytometry.

Being part of the University of Queensland, AIBN students also have access to all the great resources of UQ including UQ's outstanding Library resources for researchers

Check out at AIBN's facilities

Collaboration and community are part of the lifestyle at AIBN 

AIBN Student LifestyleAIBN is based on the beautiful riverfront UQ St Lucia campus with heritage buildings, lakes, sporting facilities, galleries and museums, and more. Home to Cafe Nano, (the best coffee on campus)  AIBN runs multiple social events through the AIBN student association giving you the opportunity to meet with other students and researchers.

UQ also provides a range of additional Student Services, support and advocacy in areas such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Career counselling
  • Illness, injury and disability support
  • Multi-faith services
  • Help with student equity issues.

St Lucia is located in Brisbane, one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia and is known for its vibrant urban precincts, outdoor lifestyle and friendly locals. Brisbane is a green city with an enviable subtropical climate and diverse population. 

Learn more about Brisbane

Late in 2006 the students at the AIBN formed their own student association under the auspices of the UQ Student Union.

 The ASA works to:

  • Provide a support network for students and young researchers within the AIBN.
  • Provide opportunities for academic and career development of students and young researchers within the AIBN through workshops and networking events.
  • Hold social events such as trivia night, student seminar and barbeques, and inter-institute sports competitions.
  • Promote co-operation between students and researchers and generate an awareness of the skills and expertise that exist within the AIBN.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the ASA, please email us at

Current AIBN students can visit the ASA website via the AIBN intranet

ASA website



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