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At AIBN, our scientific and commercial expertise, mean we understand the barriers to creating a product out of a scientific idea.  

Advanced biomanufacturing, nano-engineered materials and precision nanomedicine are our strengths.

We partner with industry, government and academia to develop solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges.

Our entrepreneurial mindset, global research, industry networks and world-class facilities mean we can take solutions from the laboratory bench and work them into investment-ready products.


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  • A top 100 global university 

  • 450+ world-class researchers

  • 15+ specialised facilities + centres

  • Over $250m in research revenue

  • 100+ research partners

  • 22% of UQ’s patent portfolio is generated by the AIBN 

Who have we worked with?

We work with companies including Intel, Unilever, Dow, Cook Medical, Pharma Synth, Boeing, Australian Red Cross, Anteo Diagnostics, Alere, Virgin, Toshiba, CSL, Global Life Solutions Australia, Calysta, Azafaros, Graphene Manufacturing Group, plus many more.

We are also working closely with the Australian and State Governments to help shape and create Australia’s next wave of manufacturing.

How can our tailored approach meet your needs?

Focus our expertise and capabilities on your unique challenge to find solutions specific to your needs.
Extend the capability of your internal R&D team with access to expert advice and cutting-edge facilities that may not be available elsewhere in Australia or the world.
Collaborate on applications for competitive funding, investigate ideas with commercial potential, fast-track development of translatable intellectual property, and access broader funding avenues.
Develop the next generation of research and industry leaders with a tailored PhD focused on leadership and with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Stay on top of our industry news and developments, events and opportunities, by joining The Network

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