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Partnerships driven by intellect, entrepreneurship and commerciality

AIBN is rich with know-how and intellectual property that has the potential to alleviate current problems in health, energy and the bioeconomy. AIBN has extensive research capabilities combined with a unique and comprehensive suite of facilities available to industrial research communities in Australia.

AIBN was established to help industries grow by translating science into solutions for problems industry, government and the community cannot solve.

We make it easier and faster for our partners to get to market with solutions that work.

We bridge the gap between the problems our partners face and the solutions they need for commercial success – by taking solutions from the laboratory bench to large-scale manufacturing.

Trusted and long-term partnerships are central to our ethos and allow us to realise the huge potential to alleviate human health and environmental problems, on a global scale.

Rich with know-how and intellectual property, over the past 20 years we have created significant commercialisation opportunities for the University of Queensland and our commercial and government partners in multiple industries.

Our partners rely on us to create serious solutions for their most serious of problems – and we deliver for local, national and international companies including Intel, Unilever, Dow, Cook Medical, Pharma Synth, Boeing, Australian Red Cross, Anteo Diagnostics, Alere, Virgin, Toshiba, CSL, Global Life Solutions Australia, Calysta, Azafaros, Graphene Manufacturing Group.

We are also working closely with the Australian and State Governments to help shape and create Australia’s next wave of manufacturing.


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