UQ Giving Day - AIBN Fund

UQ Giving Day - AIBN Fund

Wed 23 Oct 2019 12:00am12:00pm

One simple gesture can make a world of change for the next generation. 

AIBN is raising funds to support the development of remarkable nanoscale technologies and smart materials that can rapidly diagnose early stage disease, deliver treatments to precisely where they are needed in the body, and accurately monitor treatment effectiveness in real-time.

We’re calling on you, our UQ community, to become ChangeMakers. 

Join us for our first ever Giving Day on  Wednesday 23 October 2019. 

Giving Day is an intensive 24-hour challenge. With your help, we’re aiming to bring together 1,000 donors to raise more than $1 million to support biomanufacturing research and other important causes across UQ. By partnering with UQ on Giving Day, you can change the future for students, transform teaching and learning, and drive discovery and impact in research. 

Together we can be ChangeMaker