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We are pleased to present Dr Min Meng to speak on Challenges and strategies for the Bioanalysis of siRNA/ASO drugs and mRNA Vaccines

Time: 11am

Date: Thursday 2nd March 2023

Location: AIBN Level 1 Seminar room or online via zoom


Oligonucleotide therapeutics such as siRNA and ASO are a rapidly growing segment of the overall global drug development. Similarly, mRNA vaccine made its breakthrough due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemics. These new modalities, typically heavily formulated, often   suffered in vivo instability, immunogenicity, difficulty of intracellular delivery, and lastly lack of suitable bioanalytical methodologies. In this presentation, the advantages and limitation of the various bioanalytical technical such as ELISA, qPCR, hybridization-based LC Fluorescence Assay, LC-MS/MS, LC-High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry (HR/AM) will be discussed and compared. Finally, a case study will be presented to show the metabolite profiling and pharmacokinetics of RBD1016 siRNA: a direct comparison of hybridization-based LC fluorescence assay and LC-HRAM assay. 



Dr. Min Meng, received her Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Maryland Pharmacy School in 1996. She has more than 20 years of working experience in the US CRO industry and served as Laboratory and Technical Director for the one of the world’s leading CRO companies. Dr. Meng has participated in many innovative and generic drug research projects, developed thousands of bioanalytical methods using LC-MS/MS and published numbers of academic articles and book chapters. Currently Dr. Min Meng is the CEO of Chongqing Denali Medpharma, a bioanalytical CRO in China.

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