We are pleased to present Prof. Dr. Bastian Blombach to speak on the topic Domesticating Vibrio natriegens for industrial biotechnology

Professor Blombach studied biotechnology at the University of
Applied Sciences Weihenstephan and received his doctorate in 2009
from the Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University
of Ulm. Beginning in 2012, he was a junior research group leader at
the Institute of Biochemical Engineering at the University of Stuttgart.
Prof. Blombach is heading the Professorship for Microbial
Biotechnology (MIB) at TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology
and Sustainability since October 2018.
The research at MIB focuses on the development and optimization of microbial production
processes for chemicals and fuels from renewable resources and systems-level physiological
studies of microbes under industrial process conditions. To achieve this goal, we apply the
methodology of metabolic engineering, systems biology, and synthetic biology to exploit the
potential of established and novel microbial systems for industrial biotechnology. The
construction of tailor-made cell factories is carried out by modern methods of genetic
engineering and is supported by metabolome analyses. The development of a quantitative and
systemic understanding of the metabolic performance of microbial platforms such as Vibrio
natriegens, Hydrogenophaga pseudoflava, and Corynebacterium glutamicum is essential in
this context.When: Tuesday 3rd October 2023

Where: AIBN Level 1 Seminar room, or online via zoom. Click here to join


The marine bacterium Vibrio natriegens is emerging as a promising host for biotechnology
which is basically due to remarkable intrinsic properties such as the exceptionally high growth
and substrate consumption rates under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. V. natriegens
utilizes several industrially relevant substrates such as carbohydrates, amino, carboxylic and
aromatic acids which is an important prerequisite for the flexible feedstock concept in industrial
biotechnology. Thus, V. natriegens could in principle accelerate fermentation processes in
order to eventually save production costs. However, to fully exploit the potential of V.
natriegens, this bacterium has to be domesticated for the industrial environment and
sophisticated bioprocesses have to be developed.





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