We are pleased to present Laura Croft to speak on RNA Therapeutics: mRNA and Oligonucleotide Therapies as Emerging Technology Platforms in Modern Medicine

When: Thursday 16th November 2023

Where: AIBN Level 1 Seminar room or online via zoom. Click here to join

Time: 11am-12pm


In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern medicine, RNA therapeutics have emerged as a third platform technology in addition to small molecules and antibodies. The mRNA platform technology has gained significant attention for its role in encoding proteins or antigens, particularly exemplified by the success of mRNA vaccines in the COVID19 pandemic. Meanwhile, oligonucleotide therapeutics, encompassing antisense oligonucleotides, siRNAs, microRNAs and aptamers, have demonstrated remarkable utility in addressing genetic disorders by modulating gene expression, altering splicing and in the case of aptamers, inhibiting signal transduction by direct receptor binding. Understanding how these modalities can complement each other opens new avenues for therapeutic intervention. In this presentation I will focus on the role of oligonucleotide therapeutics as platform technology in modern medicine. I will describe the development of an RNA oligonucleotide therapeutic for the treatment of cancer, discovery of aptamers to inhibit immune checkpoint proteins in cancer, and the immense potential of antisense oligonucleotides to deliver hope and treatment for patients with nano-rare diseases.


Dr Croft completed her PhD in cell and molecular biology and biochemistry at Griffith University, Australia. She then held a post-doctoral position at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, where she continued her research in RNA metabolism in cancer. In 2012, she joined the Cancer and Ageing Research Program at Queensland University of Technology where her research focused on targeting previously un-druggable DNA repair proteins using RNA oligonucleotides. In 2019 Dr Croft was awarded an Advance Queensland Industry Fellowship to translate her research findings into a novel RNA oligonucleotide cancer therapeutic. Her current research focuses on developing innovative RNA therapeutic strategies in immune oncology and for patients with nano-rare mutations.



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