We are pleased to present Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit to speak on the topic Multiresponsive hydrogels as smart materials for actuator and sensor functions in microfluidic application

When: Tuesday 24th October 2023

Where:AIBN Level 1 Seminar room or online via zoom https://uqz.zoom.us/j/84905769928

Time: 3pm-4pm


Responsive polymeric materials are becoming a highly studied field especially with regard to their use in technical applications, e.g. as sensors and actuators in microsystems and microfluidic applications, since they are able as volume gels to carry out mechanical work reacting on an e.g. chemical stimulus. In addition, compartimentalization becomes an issue for being able to localize specific actions and reactions e.g. by patterning specific hydrogel compartments. We will report on the preparation and integration of responsive and biocompatible hydrogel dots and hydrogel dot arrays of high flow and shear stability in microfluidic channel and chamber reactors. For that, multiresponsive hydrogels are developed, making use of interpenetrating network approach and the concept of graft copolymer networks for retaining responsivity for up to four different stimuli in one hydrogel. The hydrogels have been adapted for integration into microfluidic devices as volume-changing gels, adjusting degree of swelling as well as mechanical stability. This allows their use as effective sensors and actuators as needed for a chemical valve function. First examples of their use as chemical transistors will be presented, and the development of logical modules for achieving basic logic gate functions through a microfluidic setup is shown. Further optimization has been achieved by combining in double-crosslinked systems permanent with dynamic and reversible crosslinking points, introducing additional redox functions and host-guest interactions. The dynamic responsive behavior could be translated into micrometer hydrogel dots in microsystems combining actuator function with specific bioresponse. First results are presented to use reversible redox bonding in hydrogels for triggered peptides capturing and release, and to adapt hydrogel dots as enzyme carriers in multi-chamber microreactors for complex cascade enzymatic reactions.


Brigitte Voit received her PhD in Macromolecular Chemistry 1990 from University Bayreuth, Germany. After postdoctoral work in 1991/1992 at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, USA, she joined Technische Universität München. After habilitation in 1996, she was appointed 1997 full professor for "Organic Chemistry of Polymers“ at Technische Universität Dresden as well as head of the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research (IPF) Dresden. From 2002 to 2022 she was also Scientific Director of IPF. At TU Dresden she is member of the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) and the Dresden International Graduate School for Biomedicine and Bioengineering (DIGS BB). She is active in the European Polymer Federation (president 2014/2015), member of acatech, and holder of the Staudinger Award.

Her scientific interest is in functional polymer architectures and responsive polymers for e.g. biomedicine, smart systems and organic electronics.



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AIBN level 1 Seminar room or online via zoom https://uqz.zoom.us/j/84905769928