We are pleased to present Dr Claudia Sperling to speak on the subject Surface modification techniques and in-vitro whole blood incubation of biomaterials to achieve improved hemocompatibility

When: 30th November 2023

Where: AIBN Level 1 Seminar room or online via zoom click here to join

Abstract: Blood contact of biomaterials used in medical products is often associated with the activation of body defense systems. Coagulation and inflammatory reactions frequently interfere with the performance of the medical product, and furthermore, there are health risks for the patients. Systemic anticoagulation is typically given to the patients, but this is associated with several side effects and, moreover, only addresses the problem of coagulation.

The interaction of blood with the material surface can be modified through various surface modification techniques. A very versatile coating system are hydrogel coatings. An innovative hydrogel is activation-responsive and releases immunomodulatory or anticoagulant drugs.

Determining the resulting hemocompatibility parameters – blood coagulation, platelet response, complement and granulocyte activation is depends on an in-vitro test systems that enable a realistic readout through the use of fresh whole human blood.

The talk gives an overview on state of the art modification strategies as well as on blood incubation experimental set-up with and without flowing blood.

Bio:        Claudia Sperling grew up in Dresden, Karlsruhe and Munich, Germany.  After obtaining a Masters in Botanics and Hydrobiology at the Technical University of Munich. Claudia returned to Dresden where she worked for an ecological engineering consultant before undertaking a PhD at Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden. As part of the Biofunctional Polymermaterials Team, her research focus is hemocompatibility assessment of biomaterials and the development of hemocompatible interfaces. 


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