We are pleases to present Baptiste Couvy-Duchesne to present on the subject Metods for big-data neuroimaging, and some applications.

When: March 14th 2024

Where: AIBN Level 1 Seminar room or online via zoom. Click here to join

Time: 12pm-1pm



The field of neuroimaging is at a turning point, owing to the availability of several large datasets such as the UKBiobank, which comprises more than 50,000 volunteers from the general population with deep phenotyping and multimodal MRI. Such large data promise a finer understanding of the brain association with disorders as well as improved risk prediction, though they also raise computational and methodological challenges.
I will review some of the methods we have introduced that can handle neuroimaging big-data, that typically consist of thousands of individuals, but hundreds of thousands of brain measurements. I will also present some of the applications, that include analyses of the UK Biobank structural MRI data, comparison of MRI processing options, and the generation of high-resolution maps of the grey-matter regions associated with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), AD conversion, as well as cognition and functioning scores.


I am in the final year of a CJ Martin NHMRC fellowship (started in 2019). The fellowship has been a collaboration between researchers from the Paris Brain Institute (ARAMIS lab, Olivier Colliot), and from IMB (Program in Complex Trait Genomics, Peter Visscher). The objective of the collaboration was to develop novel methods inspired by those used in the field of genetics. Before that, I did my PhD at UQ (QBI) with Margie Wright, followed by a post-doc at PCTG


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