International Symposium on Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering, to be held on Sunday 24th September. The keynote speaker will be Prof Gerald de Haan, Research Director of the European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing, The Netherlands. 

The symposium is hosted by UQ’s Centre in Stem Cell Ageing and Regenerative Engineering (UQ-StemCARE), a recently launched strategic initiative by UQ with a focus on unravelling the key molecular mechanisms of stem cell ageing, and engineering clinical solutions in regenerative medicine for increasing health span and healthy ageing. 

More information can be obtained from the workshop co-ordinator, Dr Brit Winnen.

This event is part of the 2017 International Conference on BioNano Innovation

About International Conference on BioNano Innovation

The intersection of Biology with Nanoscience and Nanotechnology currently represents one of the most exciting wellsprings of scientific innovation, and is also a major stimulus for a plethora of high value technologies and industries. By combining the two largest conferences in the world which focus on this scientific frontier, NanoBio Australia 2017 will feature a diverse array of multi-disciplinary science designed to connect world-leading scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs working in this space.

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