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We are pleased to present a special RUOK? Day seminar by  Dr Christian Heim. 


Even before the COVID-19 crisis was upon us the developed world, including Australia, was in an unofficial mental health crisis. Rates of depression, anxiety, burnout, addiction and suicide had reached unprecedented levels. Now in a peri-pandemic work environment, having to achieve more with less has become having to achieve even more with even less. The strain on individuals is great. Times are uncertain, particularly in academia with funding streams and work security not guaranteed. How can individuals remain mentally fit under these conditions?

Based on scientific evidence, brain physiology and psychiatric clinical experience, this talk will present principles of preventative mental health and how to implement them practically in individual lives. The emphasis will be on real-life strategies which work together to alter neurochemistry to help individuals stave off depression, suicide, anxiety, addictions and to achieve more as people than merely a work-life balance. 

Salient points covered:

  • What COVID-fatigue/anxiety does to the brain
  • How to increase the brain chemical needed to combat this and get mentally fit
  • Skills to help you adjust back to and thrive in the “new normal”
  • A mental fitness plan for you to action


Presenter: Dr Christian Heim, Clinical Psychiatrist

Dr Christian Heim headshot

Dr. Christian Heim is a clinical Psychiatrist specialises in adult trauma. During his 13 years of continuing psychiatry practice, and 20 as a doctor, he has heard the stories of 1000s of people. Dr. Heim has a PhD from Sydney University and holds the title of senior lecturer at the University of Queensland in the School of Medicine. Dr. Heim's forthcoming book Building Resilient Relationships: techniques for surviving hyper-individualism, social isolation and the mental health crisis will be published by Routledge in 2022. He is the 2014 recipient of the Newton-John award for innovation and creativity and the 2000 Blackwell Award for Critical Reasoning in Science.

Dr. Heim has spoken extensively in both public and corporate forums in the US and Australia at law firms, medical symposiums, and at universities on 21st Century mental health issues affecting us all: burnout Covid fatigue, anxiety, depression, addictions and work/life balance. Prior to entering Medicine, Dr Heim lectured in Music at Manhattan School of Music, The University of Newcastle and the University of Wollongong. His music compositions are played on ABC Classic FM.

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