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We are pleased to present Associate Professor Joy Wolfram to speak on extracellular vesicles.

Date: Thursday, 10 February

Time: 12 - 1pm

Venue: Online Via Zoom

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Extracellular vesicles are naturally occurring nanoparticles that are released by all cells and serve important roles in physiological and pathological processes. Therefore, extracellular vesicles have promising applications as therapeutic agents, drug targets, delivery vehicles, and biomarkers. Although the medical use of extracellular vesicles is promising, clinical translation has been hindered due to inefficient, unreliable, and non-scalable methods of isolation, for example, ultracentrifugation. To overcome these issues, my research program has developed improved techniques for isolation of extracellular vesicles, such as robust and scalable tangential flow filtration. These methods have opened up many opportunities for diagnostic and therapeutic use of extracellular vesicles, two of which will be highlighted in this talk: i) lipoaspirate-derived extracellular vesicles for treating inflammation and ii) understanding the role and application of the extracellular vesicle glycome in metastatic disease. 


Presenter: Associate Professor Joy Wolfram, Group leader, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, The University of Queensland

Joy Wolfram leads a nanomedicine research laboratory with the goal of developing innovative approaches that bring the next generation of treatments and diagnostics directly to the clinic. Over the past few years, she has authored over 60 publications on nanoscale strategies for cancer and other life-threatening diseases and received more than 30 awards. She is actively involved in community outreach and scientific education, including previous roles as the chair of an education and outreach working group of the National Cancer Institute in the United States and the associate program director of the Ph.D. Program in Regenerative Sciences at Mayo Clinic. As a TED speaker she strives to bring science to a wider audience.


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