We are pleased to present Dr Mark Allenby to speak on Biomimetic Systems Engineering.

Date: Thursday, 24 February

Time: 12 - 1pm

Venue: Online Via Zoom

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The increasingly aged Australian population has emphasized the need for more efficient treatments to minimize healthcare burdens. However, the current state of disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment relies on archaic hospital methods which are manual and not disease and patient-specific. Emerging research technologies have demonstrated early promise for effective, personalised, or automated treatments, one example includes recent developments in 3D-printed and lab-grown tissue grafts. However, the manufacturing processes behind these technologies remain prohibitively expensive or inconsistent for routine clinical translation. New healthcare processes must be engineered to design, test, and manufacture reliable, bespoke, and cost-effective medical products. We aim to develop improved healthcare process monitoring, optimisation, and control through the use of tissue engineering, image and data processing. and computational biology for the development of advanced treatments.


Presenter: Dr Mark Allenby, Senior Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland

Mark is a new Senior Lecturer in UQ's School of Chemical Engineering and leads the BioMimetic Systems Engineering (BMSE) Lab. Mark is a future ARC DECRA Fellow (2022-2025), a current Advance Queensland Fellow (2019-2022) and an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at QUT. Mark has published 30 papers, principally supervised 3 PhDs and 2 MPhil/RAs, co-supervised 7 PhDs, and has been awarded $2.6M of funding as chief investigator across 17 competitive funding rounds in 4 years. Mark received a PhD and MSc in chemical engineering from Imperial College London and has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and chemistry. Mark's background includes the engineering of dynamic stem cell bioreactors for tissue biomanufacturing, automated signal and image processing for tissue diagnostics, and model-based optimisation and control of 4D cell systems.


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