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Join Dr Dunay Schmulian for an interactive workshop on creating a personal and work environment that supports a productive and joyful conclusion to 2022.

Wouldn’t you like to feel and know that you are equipped with the right knowledge and skill to set up initiatives that reflect thriving, not merely surviving? 

This workshop will guide you through setting up your own sustainable wellness strategy to achieve your goals in the workplace. It will leave you with some food for thought, but most importantly an invitation to implement some common-sense strategies that makes sense to you with your current opportunities, goals and challenges. 

Wellness is a state of action. Using the most contemporary evidence-based thinking on wellness, we will dispel some of the myths around burnout, and quietly get acquainted with our inner critics and our stress cycle!  Participants will be provided with a frame of science, from which they will be invited to select and explore the most relevant and pressing content to design their own wellness experiment.  


Dunay Schmulian is a communication specialist who holds a PhD and clinical doctorate in Audiology and postgraduate degrees in Speech Pathology and Counselling. Her work spans three continents and she is a valued speaker to clinicians, educators, and corporate entities internationally. 

Former chair of Wellness and Culture in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at UQ, she branched out from Audiology and launched many initiatives around thriving at work. As a Women in STEMM Fellowship recipient, her research focusses on the lived experience of both patients and clinicians engaged in the encounters around life-changing health conditions. 


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