Outcomes for brain cancer sufferers, particularly in the adult setting, remain dismal. Over 1000 neuro-oncology clinical trials have been conducted worldwide; despite these significant efforts, meaningful breakthroughs remain intractable. Progress has been hampered by a number of significant disease obstacles including tumor heterogeneity, blood brain barrier and poor immune responses. Recent breakthrough discoveries defining tumor heterogeneity and the generation of explant brain cancer organoids holds promise for the future. Our ongoing work has focused on tackling these significant challenges to define specific effective therapies for the treatment of both adult and pediatric brain cancer and to develop valid meaningful resources for the neuro-oncology scientific community.



Prof Bryan Day is an internationally recognised brain cancer expert, he has published >80 scientific articles directly relating to understanding the biology of and designing and testing new therapies for brain cancer. Prof Days group is one of the leading neuro-oncology laboratories in Australia and has extensive experience in brain cancer model development, tumor banking, orthotopic tumor engraftment, in vivo assessment of novel therapies in high-grade glioma and clinical translation of their work
Current Appointments
Group Leader, Sid Faithfull Brain Cancer Laboratory, QIMR Berghofer MRI, Brisbane, Australia.
Co-Director, Children’s Brain Cancer Centre (CBCC), Brisbane, Australia.
Co-Director, Australian Brain Cancer Research Alliance (ABCARA)
Chair, Centre for Neuro-Oncology Excellence (CNE), Brisbane, Australia.
Deputy Chair, SAC - Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology (COGNO)
Steering Committee, Brain Cancer Biobanking Australia (BCBA)
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia
Professor, Faculty of Health, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia


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