IP Management and Commercialisation

In line with the I&CD strategy, typical commercial activities include:

  • Packaging IP in preparation for out-licensing and the formation of start-up companies;
  • Sourcing funding from federal and state government granting schemes in partnership with external companies for collaborative research;
  • Protecting the AIBN’s IP through confidentiality and material transfer agreements;
  • Filing and maintaining patents;
  • IP and commercial assessment of new discoveries;
  • Continual IP capture through research and IP census activities; and
  • Development and implementation of IP-related policies.

The Institute's first research and IP census of AIBN Group Leaders was conducted in 2005 with regular updates occurring since then. This on-going process enables the protection and management of the Institute’s IP and ensures the identification of new discoveries with commercial potential and existing IP protection.

Where a discovery proceeds to a provisional patent application, I&CD works closely with the AIBN researchers to establish an IP and commercial strategy and identify potential sources of R&D funding, from both traditional and non-traditional sources.



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