Materials: solar-driven photoelectrochemical energy conversion in Zinc rechargeable flow battery

​Her research aims to develop a new type of solar rechargeable battery for the direct capture and storage of abundant but intermittent solar energy. Her project will integrate perovskite based solar-driven photoelectrochemical energy conversion process with Zinc rechargeable battery to achieve high-energy storage efficiency. Expected outcomes include high-performance solar rechargeable batteries and new knowledge resulting from the disciplinary collaborations between energy storage, photoelectrochemistry, and nanotechnology. 

​Yongxin’s career in renewable energy began 3 years ago at The University of Queensland as a master's student in Master of Sustainable Energy, from which she systematically learned every new energy technology and the status quo of the energy market, as well as about energy policies. 

She is currently continuing her PhD research in the Luo group at the AIBN. The main research direction is solar-assisted rechargeable flow batteries, aiming to solve the problems caused by the intermittent of solar energy and reduce costs through this device using new clean materials, bringing new opportunities for the future solar market, and energy storage market.



She did a three-month internship in a Brisbane-based company, ESIAP, which focus on providing more energy strategies for Australia, especially Queensland.

Key Publications

Enhancing Performance and Longevity of Solid-State Zinc-Iodine Batteries with Fluorine-Rich Solid Electrolyte Interphase