Specialises in Antibody Engineering

My research topic is - "From Target Discovery to Therapeutic Antibodies", and the pipeline generation and relevant target findings from the cancer patient cohort were followed by the monoclonal antibody (mAb) development through phage display technologies at UQ. The analytical and functional characterisation of the mAb at IIT Delhi.

I am a researcher and have ever worked in an MS research project for 6 months on "Bdellovibrio" at MKU (JNU Campus, New Delhi, India). In the meantime, I served as a summer research intern (Diploma in Biology) at JNCASR, Bangalore India, under several research projects along with the Ph.D. Students and Prof Tapas K Kundu.

I was Gold Medalist Bachelor in Biotechnology from GLA University, UP, India and am a GATE rank holder under the top 50. I have qualified DBT NET JRF examination, as well as an IELTS band score holder of 7.0 out of 9.0. There have two honour scholarships I got from University topper scholarship at my bachelor's stage and under the DBT Govt of India Scheme in a postgraduate program.


​UQ-IIT Delhi Academy of Research


Ministry of Human Resource Development (​MHRD) Scholarship at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The University of Queensland, HDR Scholarship.

The UQ-IIT Delhi Academy of Research funding.