Harshita specialises in developing an integrated nano-bioengineered chip for enhanced molecular evolution

​Her PhD project focuses on developing a novel molecular evolution platform technology for rapid selection of high-value target binding molecules from diverse molecular libraries using an an electrically activated nanofluidic chip coated with target. This provides significant benefits in creating new knowledge in nanomaterials and manufacturing of nanofabricated devices, as well as in advancing the field of molecular discovery technology, a highly valuable global market. 

​Harshita completed her master's degree in Biotechnology from The University of Queensland and went on to complete a bachelor's degree in Zoology from Delhi University. She is a UQ Future Leader and a recipient of the UQ High Achievers Scholarship for International Students, 2020. Through her PhD, she aims to translate research findings in the field of protein nanotechnology to commercially viable and clinically meaningful products and services. She has prior research experience in the field of developing recombinant protein vaccines for Hepatitis E and live-attenuated vaccines for Chikungunya, optimising a novel DNA extraction protocol for HMW DNA, and creating qPCR diagnostic assays for detection of Campylobacter from cattle reproductive tracts. Apart from research, she tutors at UQ, contributes to the UQ Biotech Society, and participates in Ventures' entrepreneurship programs.