Yunwei Wang specialises in sustainable real-time crop seed enhancement by using Spinifex biomaterials to deliver beneficial compounds

​Yunwei Wang is currently a PhD student working with the Spinifex team under the supervision of Dr Jitka Kochanek. In 2021, Dr Jitka's team utilised Spinifex nanomaterials to establish a versatile technology platform with a wide range of applications in fields like biomedicine, food packaging, agriculture and environmental restoration. Yunwei Wang is currently focusing on the agricultural and environmental sectors. He concentrated his efforts on harnessing Spinifex biomaterials to promote sustainable, real-time plant improvement. To date, he has achieved cost-effective delivery of emerging growth regulators to plant seeds, which has resulted in increased plant performance. In 2023, he successfully delivered living rhizobia to soybean seeds using the Spinifex technology platfrom. He is now working on delivering different beneficial compounds to plant seeds to increase plant growth, such as peptides.


​Master of Agriculture Science, The University of Queensland, 2018

Bachelor of Agriculture Science in the field of horticulture, Northwest Agirculture and Forestry University, 2015