Dr James Wood specialises in ligand design for diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals

​Dr James Wood's research focuses primarily on the design and synthesis of organic ligands to complex inorganic radioisotopes for radiopharmaceutical applications. His work spans across the design and synthesis of these ligands, through to radiolabelling of these compounds and assessing them within animal models. He is particularly interested in applications of these ligands that grant greater flexability or utility to diagnostic and therapeutic platforms.

​James completed his PhD at the University of Sydney in 2022, focusing on the design of novel ligands for 89Zr radiopharmaceuticals. He has since begun a postdoctural researcher position in the Thurecht group, focusing on improving the utility of existing ligands for radiochemical applications as well as the design of novel ligands for a variety of radioisotopes.


Telix Pharmaceuticals


​James has collaborated with Assoc. Prof. Killugudi Swaminatha Iyer's group at the University of Western Australia, focusing on sequence-controlled synthesis of polymers with radiochemical applications.