Charlotte specialises in vaccine immunology, currently focusing on how different vaccine formulations affect immunological memory and recall.

Charlotte is focusing on the different immunological signatures induced by different vaccine adjuvants and vaccine types (mRNA-based) with the aim of defining how different formulations affect vaccine-induced immunological memory over time, in magnitude, and anatomical location. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted that time can be of the essence when designing an effective vaccine needed to decrease spread and disease severity of an unknown pathogen. Therefore, compiling a comprehensive understanding of how different vaccines and their formulation can best suit specific targets and recipients is considered a highly powerful contribution to ease this process and could aid in preparedness for future pandemics. Charlotte recently (2023) completed her Bachelor of Advanced Science majoring in Biomedical Science with first class honours BAdvSc(Hons) from The University of Queensland, Australia. She focused on the differences in site specific recall of immunological memory generated to subunit vaccines with varying adjuvant formulations in her Honours thesis. She is a current PhD student at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) under the supervision of Professor Keith Chappell.