Focused on advancing the performance and stability of Zinc-Bromine Rechargeable Batteries.

My research aims to target challenges associated with hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) and zinc dendrite formation in the zinc-half cell through innovative strategies that ensures prolonged cycle life, enhanced efficiency, and overall reliability of zinc-bromine battery systems.

Key Publications

Alghamdi, N. S., Rana, M., Peng, X., Huang, Y., Lee, J., Hou, J., ... & Luo, B. (2023). Zinc–Bromine Rechargeable Batteries: From Device Configuration, Electrochemistry, Material to Performance Evaluation. Nano-Micro Letters, 15(1), 209.‏

Rana, M., Alghamdi, N., Peng, X., Huang, Y., Wang, B., Wang, L., ... & Luo, B. (2023, July). Scientific issues of zincbromine flow batteries and mitigation strategies. In Exploration (p. 20220073).‏

M. Rana, C. T. Stoppiello, Q. He, X. Peng, N. Alghamdi, Y. Huang, et al., Tin modified carbon nanofibers as an effective catalytic electrode for bromine redox reactions in static zincbromine batteries. Batteries & Supercaps, 2023: p. e202300474.