Investigating novel materials and design strategies to increase the energy density of batteries, enabling longer-lasting and more powerful energy storage solutions for various applications.

I have a strong research background in battery technology, with a focus on advancing energy storage solutions for various applications. My research journey began with exploring novel materials and design strategies to enhance the energy density of batteries, aiming to achieve longer-lasting and more powerful energy storage capabilities.


Industry Engagement in Battery Technology: BYD Experience

During my tenure as an engineer at BYD (比亚迪), I engaged extensively with industry stakeholders and contributed significantly to the advancement of battery technology. My industry engagement activities revolved around several key areas:

  1. I collaborated with industry partners, academic institutions, and research organizations on collaborative research projects focused on improving battery performance, safety, and sustainability. These partnerships facilitated knowledge exchange and technological advancements in the field.
  2. I worked closely with regulatory bodies and industry associations to ensure that our battery technologies complied with standards and regulations. This included participating in standardization committees, conducting compliance assessments, and implementing quality control measures.

Key Publications

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