Structural studies of the mechanism of voltage-sensing in voltage-gated ion channels using cyclised nanodiscs


After completing my Bachelor of Biomolecular Science at Griffith University in 2019 and my Master of Molecular Biology (Research Extensive) at the University of Queensland in 2021, I began pursuing a PhD degree under the supervision of Prof. Mehdi Mobli. My research focuses on investigating ligand-ion channel interactions in lipid membrane mimics.

Key Publications

Jia, X., Chin, Y. K., Zhang, A. H., Crawford, T., Zhu, Y., Fletcher, N. L., Zhou, Z., Hamilton, B. R., Stroet, M., Thurecht, K. J., & Mobli, M. (2023). Self-cyclisation as a general and efficient platform for peptide and protein macrocyclisation. Communications chemistry, 6(1), 48.

Jami, S., Deuis, J. R., Klasfauseweh, T., Cheng, X., Kurdyukov, S., Chung, F., Okorokov, A. L., Li, S., Zhang, J., Cristofori-Armstrong, B., Israel, M. R., Ju, R. J., Robinson, S. D., Zhao, P., Ragnarsson, L., Andersson, Å., Tran, P., Schendel, V., McMahon, K. L., Tran, H. N. T., … Vetter, I. (2023). Pain-causing stinging nettle toxins target TMEM233 to modulate NaV1.7 function. Nature communications, 14(1), 2442.