Christanny specialises understanding the interplay between the Golgi apparatus and the cytoskeleton during cell migration.

Christanny's research aims to address how cells navigate complex environments, focusing on the role of microtubules and their organization within the cell. By understanding the dynamics of MTOCs and the structural properties of microtubules, she seeks to define the mechanisms that enable cellular pathfinding and survival in physically challenging microenvironments.

Key Publications

Microtubule control of migration: Coordination in confinement CJ Schmidt, SJ Stehbens Current Opinion in Cell Biology 2023

Compression-dependent microtubule reinforcement enables cells to navigate confined environments RJ Ju, AD Falconer, CJ. Schmidt, MA Enriquez Martinez, KM Dean, RP Fiolka... BioRxiv 2023 (Accepted Nature Cell Biology 2024)