Nick specialises in the development of polymer-based materials for biomedical applications

Nick is a chemist residing at the interface of chemistry and the biological function of nanomaterials. Nick's research spans the majority of the nanomedicine pre-clinical research pipeline, focusing on the development and application of polymer-based nanoparticles. This includes organic chemistry; synthesising imaging agents and sensors, polymer chemistry; synthesising and characterising nanostructures materials, and the molecular imaging of biomaterials in vivo. Working with Prof. Kristofer Thurecht, Nick established the photoacoustic molecular imaging capability at The University of Queensland. More recently, Nick is focused on the development of synthetic polymer-based biomimetic hydrogels for haemostatic haemorrhage control in combat casualties and for the study of cells in a 3-dimentional extracellular matrix. 

Nick is currently working with Prof. Alan Rowan on the development of bioactive polyisocyanopeptide hydrogels for battlefield wound management and for studying the cellular response to the hydrogel extracellular matrix. In 2019 Nick worked with Associate Professor Idris Blakey developing a nanoparticle sensor for the quantification of sulfide content. Nick completed his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Kristofer Thurecht developing a polymer-based photoacoustic contrast enhancing agent for the visualisation of polymeric nanomedicines within the tumour microenvironment. 


​Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research - Nanoparticles for quantification of downhole hydrogen sulfide content


​Australian Post-graduate Award (APA)