Bioengineering and nanotechnology: biomolecular engineering, in vitro biomedical analysis

Current needs in early diagnosis and personalized medicine are critical, while traditional methods such as surgical biopsies and medical imaging are failing to meet the needs due to their disadvantages in sensitivity and specificity and also their lack in targeting ability based on the genetic difference.

Biosensing Technology (BT) mainly involves the discovery & use of disease biomarkers and signal translation from biochemical interaction into quantifiable physical information. With the fast-paced advance in molecular medicine that reveals the disease-related differences in genome and proteome, BT can potentially solve the challenges mentioned above in traditional medical technology especially in early diagnosis and personalized medicine, and also it is emerging as an increasingly important innovation field in the development of healthcare industry.

These challenges regarding early diagnosis and personalized medicine are Jie Liu's research focus, and new strategies and techniques based on fluid biopsy biomarkers will be developed to push away the barriers for better cancer diagnostics at an early stage and the following personalized cancer care.


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