Superconducting and magnetic materials, magnetic system device for energy and biomedical application

Dr. Hossain is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering (SoMME) and has a joint appointment in the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at The University of Queensland (UQ). He currently leads a medium-sized research group within the Australian Centre of Materials Nanotectonics where he is the Co-Director. Dr Hossain has extensive expertise in the area of Materials Science and Engineering and one of the world’s leading researchers in the field of applied superconductivity. He has extensive expertise in a research field in which he has 12 years of experience. His research career has strongly supported by a number of awards, including the Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) from ARC, Strategic Research Fellowship from Australian Academy of Sciences, Priming and Bridging grant award from Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, the Vice-Chancellor’s Emerging Researcher Excellence Award and Vice-Chancellor’s Excellent Industry Partnership Award from University of Wollongong (UOW). His innovative research at the intersection of materials science, magnetism and applied superconductivity has already resulted in the elegant and efficient design of magnetic and superconducting materials for a range of applications including MRI, power cables, fusion magnets and chemical biosensors. He has devised novel strategies based on underlying physics and chemistry to design highly efficient nano-engineered materials and engineering devices which exhibit significantly enhanced superconducting and electromagnetic properties compared to current commercial counterparts.

The existing and new collaboration with leading universities, government organization and industry within Australia and abroad, including UOW, ANSTO, CERN and MIT will strengthen Australia's research profile in the field and the involvement of Dr. Hossain’s long standing industry partner Hyper Tech Reseatch Inc will ensure practical applications in an industry context.

Industry engagement

​From the beginning of his research career, he has worked with industries. His Phd was supported by the APA (I) in partnership with Hyper Tech Research, USA. His postdoc at the University of Geneva was supporetd by Bruker Biospin, Switzerland. He returned to Australia with the appointment supported by ARC Linkage project supported by Hyper Tech, USA. Hyper Tech also contributed significantly to his ARC DECRA project. In 2017, he was awarded another ARC Linkage project in partnership with Pavezyum Kimya, Turkey, Hyper Tech Research, USA and magniX, Australia. He was awarded AISRF Australian Academy of Science fellowship where he initiated a partnership with MACS Biopharma (an emerging biotech company located in Hyderabad India.) for the development of magnetically triggered drug delivery system and cancer detection system, He with Prof. Yamauchi started collaboration with Japanese companies  NBC Meshtec and TOC capacitor for food preservation system. Associate Professor Hossain recently awarded ATSE priming grant with SME Green Technology,Inc., Taiwan for the conversion of agro waste into high value chemicals. ​


He has long list of national and international collaborators and industry partners around the world in the area of energy and biomedical research field.  

These include (International): 

Ohio State University, USA, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, IFW Dresden, ITER, France, CERN, Switzerland, University of Geneva, Switzerland, Slovakia Academy of Sciences, Slovakia, Ankara University, Turkey, Koc University, Turkey, Unipress, Poland, Institute of high field magnet laboratory, Wroclow, Poland, Institute for Plasma, Research, India, 


Institute for Materials Science, Japan, Cambridge University, UK, University of Tours, France, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Tianjn University, China, Shanghai Science and Technology University, China. National: University of Wollongong, Australian National University, University of New South Wales, Griffith University, New Castle University, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute

Government organization:

Australian Nucrear Science and Technology Organization, Wollongong City Council 


Associate Professor Hossain attracted more than $3.5M national and international competitive research funding from federal and state government, industries, World bank etc

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Key Publications

  1. Bo Jiang, Cuiling Li, Ömer Dag, Hideki Abe, Toshiaki Takei, Tsubasa Imai, M S A Hossain, Md. Tofazzal Islam, Kathleen Wood, Joel Henzie, and Yusuke Yamauchi* "Mesoporous Metallic Rhodium Nanoparticles" Nature Communications8, 15581 (2017)​
  2. M. H Naveen, K. Shim, M S A Hossain, J H Kim, Y-B Shim, "Template Free Preparation of Heteroatoms Doped Carbon Spheres with Trace Fe for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction and Supercapacitor" Adv. Energy Materials,1602002 (2016)
  3. C Li, B Jiang, Z Wang, Y Li, M S A Hossain, J H Kim, T Takei, J Henzie, O Dag, Y Bando, Y Yamauchi, "First Synthesis of Continuous Mesoporous Copper Films with Uniformly Sized Pores by Electrochemical Soft-Templating" AngewandteChemie International Edition, 55, 12746 (2016)
  4. J Kim, J Lee, J You, M -S Park, M S A Hossain, Y Yamauchi, J H Kim," Conductive Polymers for Next-Generation Energy Storage Systems: Recent Progress and New Function" Materials Horizons, 3, 517 (2016)
  5. J H Lee, J H Kim, T Y. Kim, M S A Hossain,“All-in-one energy harvesting and storage devices” Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 4, 7983 (2016)

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