Dr Yueqi Kong specialises in the design and synthesis of electrode materials for Rechargeable batteries

Dr Yueqi Kong received her Bachelor (2014) and Master degree (2017) at Shandong University (China). She received her PhD degree in the University of Queensland (Asutralia) in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Chengzhong Yu and Dr. Xiaodan Huang at the University of Queensland (Australia). She is currently a postdoctoral rsearch fellow at UQ. ​

Key Publications

1. Yueqi Kong, Cheng Tang, Chang Lei, Ashok K Nanjundan, Shuimei Chen, Nashaat Ahmed, Dmitrii Rakov, Aijun Du, Xiaodan Huang, Chengzhong Yu, Enabling two-electron redox chemistry of P-type organic cathode for high-capacity aluminium-ion batteries, Nano Energy, 2022, 102, 107727.

2. Yueqi Kong, Cheng Tang, Xiaodan Huang, Ashok Kumar Nanjundan, Jin Zou, Aijun Du, Chengzhong Yu, Thermal reductive perforation of graphene cathode for high-performance aluminum-ion batteries, Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31, 2010569.

3. Yueqi Kong, Ashok Kumar Nanjundan, Yang Liu, Hao Song, Xiaodan Huang, Chengzhong Yu, Modulating ion diffusivity and electrode conductivity of carbon nanotube@ mesoporous carbon fibers for high performance aluminum–selenium batteries, Small, 2019, 15, 1904310.

4. Yueqi Kong, Honggang Sun, Xian Zhao, Baoyu Gao, Weiliu Fan, Fabrication of hexagonal/cubic tungsten oxide homojunction with improved photocatalytic activity, Applied Catalysis A: General, 2015, 505, 447.

5. Yueqi Kong, Honggang Sun, Weiliu Fan, Li Wang, Hongkai Zhao, Xian Zhao, Shengzhong Yuan, Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of tungsten oxide film by bifunctional Au nanoparticles, RSC Adv, 2017, 7, 15201.

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