Dr Wenyi Gu specialises in drug delivery and nanomedicine

His major research focuses on drug delivery and cancer therapy. In conjunction with it, he is interests in researches of oncogenes, cancer stem cells, targeted delivery systems, cancer cell biomarkers, and cancer immunotherapy. His recent research is more concentrated on RNAi delivery with nanoparticles and on identifying therapeutic targets for cancer stem cells and exploring novel therapeutic approaches including using RNAi and nature compounds to inhibit cancer stem cell growth. 

Dr. Wenyi Gu’s early education was conducted in China which include his undergraduate and master’s degrees in veterinary medicine. In 1996, he migrated to Australia and pursued his PhD study in biochemistry & molecular biology at the Australian National University (ANU). After a short period of work at John Curtin Medical School ANU as a junior scientist, he moved to Brisbane in 2001 for his post-doc at the University of Queensland and is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at the AIBN. He held a Peter Doherty Fellowship (2006-2009) and was further supported by NHMRC to spend 7 months at Harvard University as a visiting fellow in 2008. Since his post-doctoral research he has been working in the area of using RNAi to treat viral diseases and cancers. He also has a strong background in immunology and vaccine development.

Key Publications

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