Metabolic model guided phenotype characterisation and rational design 

As a data scientist for the Queensland Node of Metabolomics and Proteomics Australia, I provide modelling and data analysis services to both academic and industry clients. My primary role is to facilitate the integration of multiple ’omics types and metabolic modelling, providing a systems biology platform that can be used to answer any range of biological questions from the phenotypic response of a cell to a stimulus on a molecular level to strain engineering for industrial biotechnology applications. One of my current projects involves tackling the high-throughput characterisation of hundreds of yeast mutants harbouring a non-endogenous metabolic pathway for the rational design of a high-producing strain; combining systems biology approaches with the newly emerging genome foundry concept. 

I was awarded my Bachelor in Chemical and Biological Engineering (Hons. I) and Bachelor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2012 from the University of Queensland, where I went on to complete my PhD  in Systems Biology and Industrial Biotechnology; with a focus on applying metabolic-modelling to understand the metabolism of Propionibacteria and guide the rational design of a high producing propionate mutant. For the past two years I have been working as a data scientist for the Queensland Node of Metabolomics and Proteomics Australia. In 2014 I received the 2014 Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (first prize). 


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