Dr Seth Cheetham specialises in mRNA sciences to develop the next generation of RNA vaccines and therapeutics.

​Dr Cheetham is a NHMRC Early Career Fellow and group leader at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology.

After his Bachelor of Science (Hons) at the University of Queensland, he completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge, supported by the Herchel Smith Research Studentship.

He is a molecular biologist and geneticist with a focus on synthetic biology, RNA medicines and epigenetics. He has authored 24 publications, including twelve as a first author and four as a corresponding author.

He has published in some of the most influential molecular biology journals including Science, Molecular Cell, Nature Reviews Genetics , Genome Biology and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology.

His work has attracted > $1M in funding from an NHMRC Fellowship (2019), a Cancer Australia Grant (2021), Mater Foundation seeding grant (2019), a UQ ECR grant (2019) and the UQ Genome Innovation Hub (2020). In 2021 Seth was award the Genetics Society of Australasia Alan Wilton ECR award for his research in the field of RNA and epigenetics.


​Dr Cheetham's research programme has consistently attracted a high level of competitive funding. For his PhD at the University of Cambridge, he was awarded the prestigious Herchel Smith Research Studentship as one of the top four applicants in niology/chemistry ($289,000 including research funding). 

Since returning to Australia he has been awarded over $1.1m in competitive funding from national and university funding bodies, including an NHMRC ECF (2019), Cancer Australia Grant (CIB, 2021) UQ ECR Grant (2019), a Mater Research ECR Seeding grant (2019), and a UQ Genome Innovation Hub Grant (2020).

Key Publications

CHEETHAM, S. W., & Brand, A. H. (2018). RNA-DamID reveals cell-type-specific binding of roX RNAs at chromatin-entry sites. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 25 (1): 109–14

Troskie, R. L., Jafrani, Y., Mercer, T. R., Ewing A. D. #, Faulkner G. J. #, & CHEETHAM, S. W. # (2021). Long-read cDNA sequencing identifies functional pseudogenes in the human transcriptome. Genome Biology 146 (21). #correspondence

van den Ameele, J.*, Krautz, R.*, CHEETHAM, S. W.*, et al., 'Reduced chromatin accessibility correlates with resistance to Notch activation', Nature Communications 2210 (13). *co-first authors

Ewing, A. D#., et al., CHEETHAM, S. W.#, & Faulkner, G. J#. (2020). Nanopore sequencing enables comprehensive transposable element epigenomic profiling. Molecular Cell 80 (5): 915–28.e5. #correspondence

CHEETHAM, S. W.*, Gruhn, W. H.*, van den Ameele, J.*, Krautz, R., et al.*, (2018). Targeted DamID reveals differential binding of mammalian pluripotency factors. Development. 145 (20) *co-first authors

Full list of publications available of espace