Yiqing Wang specialises in polymer chemistry: building and understanding precise polymer structures for subsequent development of materials for advanced energy-storage devices.

Yiqing Wang earned her Master's degree from UQ in 2022 before embarking on her PhD. journey under the mentorship of Professor Andrew Whittaker and Dr. Cheng Zhang at AIBN in the same year. Throughout her Master's program, she acquired significant expertise in synthesizing fluoropolymers and investigated their properties in relation to structural characteristics. Subsequently, during her PhD. studies, Yiqing dedicated herself to extensive research aimed at constructing macromolecules with precise structures, with a particular emphasis on their application in reversible zinc-ion batteries.

Key Publications

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Wang Y, Tan X, Usman A, Zhang Y, Sawczyk M, Král P, Zhang C, Whittaker AK. Elucidating the impact of hydrophilic segments on 19F MRI sensitivity of fluorinated block copolymers. ACS Macro Letters. 2022 Sep 15;11(10):1195-201.

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