Soft tissue fillers are a material segment of the minimally invasive cosmetic procedure market and accounted for 2.7 million or 17% of the 16.3 million minimally invasive procedures in the USA alone in 2019. Based on our recent discovery of chemically modified Spinifex hydrogel materials, which form stable gels at concentrations <1% we aim to address the field of tissue fillers, competing with the standard materials based on hyaluronic acid or collagen. Unlike these, usually animal-derived materials, the Spinifex-based gels are fully plant-based, renewable and sustainable. Furthermore, owing to being non-animal derived, the materials are not showing the commonly observed immunogenic responses, generally present in animal tissue-derived hydrogels.

This novel technology is currently in the commercialisation phase with partners from UniQuest.

Project members

Dr Jan Lauko

Postdoctoral researcher - Group Operations Manager
Rowan group
Spinifex Centre Manager

Dr Alireza Hosseinmardi

Principal Research Technician, Advanced Spinifex Biofutures Materials Centre
Rowan Group