Project Summary

The project seeks to characterise the structure and biological function of several opioid gene products that have are currently classified as orphan peptides. Our data shows these peptides to have roles both centrally and peripherally. Centrally they have the potential of being developed into important therapeutics in relating to cognitive decline and addiction behaviour while peripherally they can be developed into important biomarkers of cardiac and renal function. Voltage gated sodium channels are attractive but challenging targets for drug discovery and development as they play a critical role in pain sensation. Our research is focused on identifying and stablishing regions of these complex membrane proteins in solution for drug screening and development. This project include the following approaches being developed in the group: 1. Identification and characterisation of new auxiliary subunits of voltage gated ion channels. 2. Stabilisation of ion channel, voltage sensors in lipid bilayers using cyclised nanodiscs for drug screening. 3. Development and characterisation of novel nanobodies against extracellular regions of voltage gated ion channels for development of multivalent drug conjugates.

Project members

Dr Theo Crawford

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mobli Group

Saipriyaa Purushotham Vasan

PhD Student
Mobli Group